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What Is Nutritional Blood Analysis? (Live Cell)

Nutritional Blood Analysis is a unique test that’s done with a single drop of blood placed under a high-powered microscope that is connected to a video monitor. A live picture of your blood is now displayed revealing any anomalies that may be present such as fungus, parasites, bacteria, uric acid crystals, aggregated red blood cells, fat plaque, and many other conditions that may affect one’s health.

How Can You Benefit from Nutritional Blood Analysis?

A trained, professional technician will discuss with you the health and nutritional status of those blood cells. The test will educate you on the proper functions of the digestive system and any anomalies in the blood, giving you an excellent opportunity to improve your health through proper diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.

The Condition of Your Blood Affects the Condition of Your Health

Blood performs an amazing array of biological functions. Some major functions include:

Transporting oxygen from the lungs, throughout the body and bringing carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be exhaled.

Transporting digested food nutrients to tissues for energy, growth and repair. At the same time, blood removes waste materials (uric acid, excess salt toxins, etc.) from tissues to excretory organs such as the kidneys, skin and lungs for elimination.

Carrying antibodies and white blood cells to defend the body against infection, disease and outside invaders.

Transporting hormones and enzymes to regulate and control all metabolic functions.

Helps control water balance and the acid-alkaline environment (pH) in the body.

An adult human body contains 11 to 12 pounds of blood. With every beat, this fluid travels through about 60,000 miles of blood vessels inside the body. This life-giving liquid is teeming with a large variety of cells and nutrients including: red and white blood cells, lipids, platelets, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and the list goes on. These components are present in a precise ratio and any abnormal change in the concentration can create a major impact on overall health and may even threaten life.

Twenty Anomalies and Deficiencies Found in the Blood

20 deficiencies & anomalies.png (

Normal Blood

Normal healthy blood

Unhealthy blood

Unhealthy blood (cells clumping together)

Receive hands-on training from certified microscopy technicians

Enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere with like-minded students.

You will learn to identify various deficiencies and anomalies found in the blood.

Earn substantial income educating people about lifestyle changes.

Be your own boss and set your own hours.

Overcome today’s negative economic climate.

Start to earn income immediately. Receive training in “Nutritional Blood Analysis”, along with a proven marketing program. Also, in depth training on the health benefits and application of certain unique natural herbal products and essential oils. With a minimal investment, you can earn $100.00 or more per hour by helping clients make better choices for their health. Nutritional Blood Analysis is a unique test that’s done with a single drop of blood placed under a high-powered microscope. A living picture of the blood is displayed on a monitor screen while the test is being conducted. Various deficiencies and anomalies may be revealed, enabling the client to take steps to correct them. Our program is an all-inclusive total package with a one-time fee that includes a manual and all accessories. Microscope and monitor are sold separately.

Training manual included ($300.00 value)

Turn-key operation

Profitable investment

Return on investment in the first few months

Proven marketing program

Training: Three days of intensive, hands-on training

Cost: $1,200.00 ($400.00 deposit required)

Balance Due: Balance of $800.00 due on or before training date

Note: $200.00 is non refundable on any training deposits.

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