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Chelanox Heavy Metal Detox


Safely and effectively removes dangerous toxins, heavy metals, and microplastics from the body to promote healthy circulatory and immune systems!


The most powerful 100% natural detox available anywhere!

Let's face it; the word detox has been thrown around and placed on ineffective creams, teas, and many a fat-loss product. The need to detox, however, is real, and with today's high level of industrial contamination, more necessary than ever. Heavy metals and microplastics don't just accumulate in one place, they go everywhere, and Chelanox goes there too. Chelanox stands alone by supporting the detoxification of all organs and internal systems, including the heart, liver, kidneys, and immune system. With EDTA, Chlorella, and Cilantro extract, Chelanox supports the binding, elimination, and removal of unwanted toxins. Chelanox does so much more:
  • Supports cleansing of the liver with milk thistle and glutathione support via NAC.
  • Supports detoxification of kidneys and urinary system.
  • Supports cardiovascular health and detox via EDTA and Chelation.
  • Uses the safest form of EDTA - Calcium Disodium 
  • Heavy Metals and toxins can be anywhere in your body, so Chelanox's powerful ingredients support total systemic health from head to toe.

Intestinal Drawing Formula

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend Flax Seed Slippery Elm Bark Marshmallow Root Nopal Cactus (Whole Leaf) Carob Pod Kelp Plantain Leaf Activated Charcoal Other Ingredient: VeganCaps (fermented tapioca)

Liver Rescue

Ingredients: Milk Thistle Seed Extract Dandelion Root Extract Chanca Piedra Whole Herb Extract Turmeric Root Extract   Other ingredient: VeganCaps™ (fermented tapioca)

Multi Collagen Advanced Detox

  • Supports healthy detoxification
  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Reduces occasional gas, constipation and bloating
  • Supports healthy fungal and microbial balance
  • Helps reduce joint discomfort and stiffness
  • Helps improve flexibility
  • Improves exercise recovery by 56.3%
  • 10 types of collagen from 10 food-based sources
  • Made with ancient superfoods and clinically studied ingredients
  • Detox Blend
Adults mix one scoop with 10 ounces of liquid.
Form: Powder Serving Size: 1 scoop Number of Servings: 36
Made Without Gluten, Made Without Dairy, Made Without Soy, Made Without Nuts, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly. 3rd Party Certified: Carbon Neutral Certified, B Corp, BioBottles (Biodegradable Packaging). Produced on equipment that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soybean, wheat, sesame, shellfish, fish, egg.

Key Ingredients

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Detox Blend

This proprietary blend includes organic reishi mycelium, fulvic acid mineral extract, organic fermented milk thistle seed, organic fermented burdock root, organic fermented dandelion root, and organic apple cider vinegar. These ingredients have been traditionally used to help your body’s built-in healthy detoxification system detox from what we can encounter in our everyday, normal lives. Now, we’ve combined these powerful superfoods into a blend like no other. It’s a unique combination designed to help support healthy detoxification† and liver health,† so you can feel your best inside and out.
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Multi Collagen Complex Blend

This formula also has our Multi Collagen Complex, a blend of hydrolyzed bovine hide collagen peptides, fermented eggshell membrane collagen, chicken bone broth protein concentrate, grassfed bovine trachea cartilage extract, beef bone broth protein concentrate, hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides, grassfed bovine heart, liver, kidney, and stomach. Plus, it includes bovine MCHA. (Please see NOTE on what MCHA is.) This blend delivers results that are unlike anything else on the market.

Purify Activated Charcoal Plus

Relieves occasional gas, bloating and cramping Supports natural detoxification Sustainably sourced Relief for upset stomachs and indigestion Contains millions of



how can sculpt n' cleanse® benefit you?

  • Helps support weight loss programs*
  • Promotes healthy regularity*
  • Helps relieve bloating*
  • Relieves occasional constipation*
  • Helps to remove toxins from excess waste matter*

what makes sculpt n’ cleanse® special?

  • Gentle and SafeOur formula does not cause the "griping" or cramping associated with other cleansing products.
  • Self-Regulating: You only take as much as your body needs.
  • Cost-Effective: One bottle is typically equivalent to 2-4 bottles of other colon cleansing products.
  • Time-Tested: Over 1,000,000 bottles sold.
  • Recommended by Experts: For over 15 years Sculpt n' Cleanse has been recommended for healthy weight loss in the bestselling book How to Completely Reshape Your Body!

Other Advantages:

  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
  • NO harmful or thermogenic stimulants

Vital Pro Whole Body Cleanse

Vital Pro Naturals – Advanced Whole Body Cleanse with Milk Thistle, Magnesium, and Cape Aloe, a Natural Supplement for Occasional